Task: Boss fight: Teal'c VS Khufu

Created for the project: Stargate:Unleashed2 on 2013 at Arkalis Interactive - Skill: Game Design
Softwares: Unity 3D Microsoft Word
Into the lion's den is the last chapter of Stargate : Unleashed Episode 2. In this big level the player has a lot of revelations and finishes on a big fight between Teal'c and Khufu, a massive opponent. I was in charge of designing it according to the storyline given by the author.


At the begining it was said I had to work on something epic but trying to avoid adding features because of the deadline.

I started to think about a way to design a generic combat. The best way was to use the tap and sliding quick time events and also, because in this part you are fighting a boss I wanted the player to feel it this way.

So I decided to create this kind of patterns a boss can have and added a healthbar on both character to make a comparison and add tense for the player. To sum up the design, the fight uses randomly chosen sequences of QTEs with different ratio. At first, Teal'c will try to hit his opponent. If he succeed, Khufu looses some health, in the other case, the boss just block and try to counterattack, giving the player a last chance to acheive another QTE to save his character from the death.

Anyway, if he is alive, another sequence is chosen. Maybe Khufu will attack Teal'c and the player will have to block or will see the healthbar decreasing. In anoher case, maybe he will have to make several combos. If he fails Teal'c takes one more hit.

A second part

After, I added a second combat part, like an evolution of the boss. When the player reachs the bottom of Khufu's healthbar, the second sequence starts with Teal'c losing his weapon. In this position the boss becomes harder but the sequence is more like a cinematic showing a more epic combat helping the player feeling the tense of it.

Designing the moves

With the help of other colleagues we made some captures of the most important moves to give the most information we can to the animator. After defining more content, we recorded some videos.

In the first combat, the characters had to go quickly from one move to another if the player succeeds or not.

For the second part, it was something more epic, showing a perfect ending gratifying the player a lot.


In the last chapter of Stargate: Unleashed, Teal'c is fighting Khufu, a strong opponent.
Work: I designed the boss fight