Task: Pixel Art: Pirates

Created for the project: Misc. on 2011 as a personal project - Skill: Pixel Art
Softwares: Character Maker
During several months, I worked with a friend on a project designed together. Unfortunately, we stopped it during the development. The game is a 2D platformer on the pirates theme. I couldn't explain the Game Design we worked on together, but with this article, I would like to show you a few elements I worked on, in Graphic Design.

The game hero

The main character needed a lot of animations: something about 25 (either 150 frames).He is able to do acrobatics. A few examples in this video:


Of course, I can't show many things but this example of ambience. Then, the landscape is made to allow the parallax scrolling. Like many 16-bytes games, the elements move together with coherence in order to give an effect of depth: close elements move faster than far ones.


A few animations as a bonus. Rude Goblins appear sometimes in the game.


We worked together on a project wih a friend. I was in charge of Graphic design on that game.
Work: Designing the game together. Creating landscapes, characters with animations, and stuff in pixel art.

Some pictures