Task: The fireflies

Created for the project: Contre-Jour on 2010 at Supinfogame - Skill: Vector graphics
Softwares: Adobe® Flash CSx

The fireflies help Charles, the hero, in his quest to break the spell casted by their queen, Eris. They can be controlled by the player in the game and have various abilities. I worked on the graphic design of the fireflies.


Eris is the queen, she always follows Charles to teach him a lesson. The boy is punished because he destroyed her peaceful city. She is useful for the player because she gives him some tips. I drew her after the others.

The fireflies

Uranie: The observer
Can travel all over the level without the boy constraint and shows the useful elements in the landscape. It helps the player to understand the environnement.

Terpsichore: The shadow
Can add a circular shadow on the ground next to a shadow spot. It helps the player to cross over large light areas.

Mnémé: The stencil
Can copy a shadow to use it elsewere. It is a puzzle gameplay with shadows.

Aede: The protector
Stops an ennemy for a few seconds.

Euterpe: The unveiled shadow
Unveils the shadow of an object that doesn't have one.

Clio: The rummager
Can go to places out of reach to solve some puzzles.

The design

Each firefly glows with its own color. By the way, when they are used in the game, the player recognize them whereas they are little on the screen. Each firefly is based on an existing insect corresponding to its ability. Concerning the queen, we wanted a human shaped firefly, because she represents a mother for Charles. The story takes place in 1900 at the Paris World fair, a period when the french 'Art nouveau' is famous. The design on the wings is based on this artistic movement, with vegetal colors and shapes like branches, symetry, etc.

Outline and fill

I worked on Flash to create these fireflies. I knew the fireflies had to be little on the screen so I wanted a easy to undestand iconographic design for them. I was inspired by the Ankama Dofus outline and fill style.

Ingame, their characters are little and yet high detailed and easy to recognize.


There are six fireflies in the game who are regulated by Eris, their queen. I did the concept art of these characters and drew them for the selection caroussel.
Work: Concept art and drawing for all the fireflies in Contre-Jour.

Some pictures

firefliesqueen.png fireflies.png