Softwares / AdobeŽ Photoshop CSx

AdobeŽ Photoshop is a software widely used in graphism field: picture compositing, digital painting, picture modification, texture, visual communication. This is a essential tool for a computer graphics designer.

My skills

  • Working with picture for videogames: concept arts, landscapes, textures...
  • Visual communication: printable documents, logos, icons...
  • Advanced used: creating scripts and brushes.

Task: Contre-Jour: Logo

Created for the project: Contre-Jour on 2010 at Supinfogame - Skill: Drawing
Softwares: AdobeŽ Photoshop CSx

At the beginning of Contre-Jour, we were trying to think about the logotype of the game. Finally, after some suggestions, I had the pleasure to be its artist.

The logotype

The logo had to demonstrate in a peek that:

  • Contre-Jour is a videgame
  • The game is about light and shadow
  • The scene takes place in the early 20 century at Paris

First sketch

That's with these ideas I drew this first rough. The logo is fanciful and represents a game title. The embellishment around the title is inspired by the 'Art nouveau' caracterizing the Paris architecture on 1900. Above, a lamp unveils the letters in the dark. Then, I directly worked on Photoshop in vector drawing to detail the idea.


I wanted the letters to be in wrought iron. After some tests, I found a technic to create this effect with the Photoshop filters directly.

Next, I drew the lanp and finished it by adding the halo.


At the beginning of the project, we had to create the logotype of the game. After finding some ideas I finally designed it myself.
Work: Design of the Contre-Jour logo.

Some pictures

contrejour_vector.png contrejour_logo.png

Task: Storyboard Keep It Virtual

Created for the project: Keep it virtual! on 2009 at Supinfogame - Skill: Drawing
Softwares: AdobeŽ Photoshop CSx

On the movie preproduction, I worked on some storyboard pictures, after we wrote the storyline together. Finally, my work was used as an example by a teammate to make a colored version for the animatic.

Some storyboard samples

I drew the storyboard directly on Photoshop with a pen tablet. Here are some examples of what I did and what it refers to in the movie.


Done in preproduction, the storyboard was a step necessary for the animatic and the movie
Work: I drew some storyboard pictures.