My skills / 3D Modeling

During the 90's, with the birth of the first GPUs and games consoles supporting 3D, 3D modeling became essential in videogames.

Current devices are equipped with a GPU to accelerate the 3D display, from the games console to the mobile phone. Then, it's essential and you must know 3D rules when you work in videogame.

My skills

  • Modeling environnements: buildings, folliages, vehicules, basic stuff,etc.
  • Modeling characters (low poly): avergae level.
  • Compositing 3D: Superimposition of 3D elements in a video, etc.

Created for the project: Keep it virtual! on 2009 at Supinfogame - Skill: 3D Modeling
Softwares: Autodesk® 3D Studio Max

The movie was in first person view, so we had to see various actions with the character's hands. To do that, we mixed some camera movements ingame, and I added the hands in 3D compositing, using 3D studio max.

Some examples

These screenshots are a comparison between the scenes in 3D Studio Max and there render.


Some of the movie scenes needed to animate the character hands... We added it in post production by using 3D compositing methods.
Work: I was in charge of the compositing.

Some pictures

screen_boomScene.png screen_writeScene.png
screen_hairScene.png screen_winScene.png

Task: Keep it Virtual Modeling

Created for the project: Keep it virtual! on 2009 at Supinfogame - Skill: 3D Modeling
Softwares: Autodesk® 3D Studio Max

During the production, we had to create some environnements not available in the game. The player's room, the dormitory, the recruiting officer's office and the hospital room were the places to make ourself. I modelised a lot of stuff for each room.

Little models

I started with some models to dress the player's desk. We see the computer screen during the first thirty seconds so it has to be detailed.

I added a coke bottle, some chips and cd-roms, the speakers...

Bigger models

The rooms had to be full of furnitures, shelves etc.

I created bigger models, blinds, posters, tables...

The rooms

We added them to a map we made with a teammate, using the Call of Duty level editor, a customized version of Q3Radiant. There wasn't any tutorial because the Call of duty 4 Mod tool was released at the same time we started the project.


Some of the scenes took place in environnements unavailable in Call of Duty 4. We had to create it.
Work: I modelised some simple objects for the levels we created.

Some pictures

screen_room4.png screen_room3.png
screen_room2.png screen_someBigModels.png
screen_someModels.png screen_room1.png