My projects / Stargate TC

Stargate TC remains as the most convincing experience of my desire of having a job in videogames. The mod consisted in two distinct projects, a multi and a solo version. I was working on the one player version. Based on Half-Life, the mod is a total conversion (A new full game development) using Stargate SG1 show universe.


Largely inspired by the TV show, the game was a First Person Shooter divided into different missions with an objective list. The games included:

  • weapons from the show: projectiles weapons, goa'uld spears, zats...
  • Environnements: A lot of levels taking place on visited planets.
  • Ennemies from the show: Jaffas, unas, replicators,...

My mission

The team changed a lot during the project. I personally began with drawing textures for weapons . Next, I worked on the whole level representing the Stargate SG1 main set: The SGC (Modeling, Texture, Level Building). I also designed the HUD and I coded it in the game dll.

Stargate TC, today?

The multiplayer version had a lot of fame with a large community at the time. The solo version was playable in a demo at first and a v1 next. My work was for the v2 wich was never released.

Production time: 3 months
Release: never released
Game used: Half-Life (Mod)

Task: Stargate Command Map

Created for the project: Stargate TC on 2005 as a personal project - Skill: Level Design
Softwares: Hammer Editor
On Stargate TC, I was in charge of building the most important map, the SGC. More like a dressed environment than a game level, the map had to be used many times in the one player game to show cinematics, necessary for the game storytelling: briefing, dialogues more or less important...


I created the basic shape of the map at first. I tried to keep the true organization and the same size, as much as possible. By searching meticulously on the Internet, I ended up finding the SGC plans made in Vancouver studios.

Next, I looked for a lot of snapshots taken by tourists who visited the film sudio set. By the way, I was more accurate.


To get information allowed me to create a level much closer to the series, more realistic as you can see on the pictures below.

I was compelled to erase some details, Gold, the Half-Life engine, can't handle too many models. You can notice that chevrons are green on this stargate.


Made on Half-Life, the map had to seam like the true SGC in the show. I used a lot of references to get the details.
Work: I created the map, level building and environnement.

Some pictures

screenShot2.png screenShot1.png