In this new episode, the players embodies the stargate team members through an original story.

The player has to fight, explore and solve puzzles to achieve the objectives.



Created at Supinfogame
on 2010
Skill: Game Design
Softwares: Unity 3D

In Contre-Jour, the player embodies Charles Desmoulins, a little boy whose shadow has been enchanted.

From now on, Charles must never fully expose it in the light. To break the spell, he will have to go through the places in the world fair on 1900.

Pump it!

Pump it!

Created at MXP4
on 2010
Skill: Game Design
Softwares: Adobe® Flash CSx

Pump it! is a flash rythm game developed for Facebook fully playable with the mouse.

The game is a Guitar Hero like, in wich the player has to put his mouse cursor on the right quarter of the circle to catch the notes sliding to the center.

Keep it virtual!

Keep it virtual is a machinima. This is a short film in wich pictures comes from virtual images rendered by games. In this one, the game is Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

The machinima shows a fictive story of a war games player who will be recruited by the army, filmed in first person view.

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my portfolio. You can find here my work in video game design and creation.

You can watch my work using your own search criteria:

  • By skill: Programming, game design or 3D, find here my work in a precise domain.
  • By project: The aim is to make you follow my path on each project.
  • By software: Flash or 3d studio max, choose the software you are interested in.

My profile suits to your needs? You can read my resume. Don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,


A few words about me

Addicted to video games since my childhood, I loved to be a player at first. Next, my curiosity leaded me to the backstage. Here, I discovered a fascinating world..

With the best games I played in mind, I put my hands on a lot of videogame creation fields:

  • Personally at first
    I began with the Duke Nukem 3D level editor, and Doom, Quake2, Unreal, Half-Life, Rayman...
  • By the modding next
    I joined Stargate-TC community, a Half-Life total conversion mod.

I studied programming and started as a Flash developer for the Web. Two years later, my interest for games made me go back to the studies at Supinfogame to learn Game Design and Graphic Design.
Afterwards, I worked at Paris for six months, at MXP4, in their first social game development and, after two years as a code and Game design teacher for two years, I joined Andorra to work on Stargate Unleashed.

Currently, I'm looking for a wonderful project in videogame production.