Softwares / AdobeŽ InDesign CSx

AdobeŽ InDesign is a software used for layouts destinated to printable documents of all kinds: books, adverts, cards or visual communication in general. This is a perfect tool to write very clean design documents.

My skills

  • Layout: design grid for layout, creating reusable templates...
  • Ergonomy & comfort : legends, iconography, conventions...

Task: Narrative Design Document

Created for the project: Misc. on 2013 as a personal project - Skill: Level Design
Softwares: AdobeŽ InDesign CSx
I designed and wrote a document sample some times ago. It's about an adventure and narrative game with an original story and universe...

The document

It contains an overview of the design and the story, and give the details on:

  • conversation branches
  • environments : interactive objects and characters
  • Minigames: pick lock, combat, complex object observation

You can find it there.

I wish you good reading.


I worked on a narrative game design and level design. This article is an example showing how I write my documentation.

Work: I designed a level and wrote a document.