My projects / Pastry Paradise

In Pastry paradise, the player is helping Hannah in her quest. She has to defeat Monsieur Moelleux's plans to fill the world with horrible cakes. In her journey, she will have to face all the best chiefs in patisserie and take them down in duel on this fast paced match 3.


  • In this match 3, the player is allowed to swap pastries in diagonal.
  • From these moves emerged more power-ups possibilities.
  • The game also proposes new modes and mechanics for the genre:
    • Hotplates mode: Some tiles are hot plates the player has to collect the pastries once they are warmed up.
    • Duel mode: The player is sharing the same board with an AI or another player. The one that capture most of the tiles win the match...
    • Expander/Reducer mechanic: Among the pastries, these objects can respectively add a tile to the board or remove one when in contact with a border.
  • The theme is cartoonish and the visual work very stunning.
  • My mission

    As I joined during the project, I first worked on level design. I also participated to the Game Design when we got more levels, and I had the opportunity to work in other fields too...

    Pastry Paradise, today?

    The game is still available on app store and play store today. It has a good base of players.

Place: Gameloft Auckland
Production time: 16 months
Release: november 2014
Genre: Match 3
Platform: phones & tablets