Places I worked in

Arkalis Interactive

The company was founded on 2010, and directly started to work with MGM on the Stargate SG1 franchise. The purpose is to create a sequel of games for iOs, Stargate SG1: Unleashed.

Contact details

Carrer del Puiet 1 AD300
Ordino, Andorra

Phone: +376 747 400

My mission - 2013 (3 months)

  • Work on the Level Design for the second episode of the sequel.
  • Ensure the sound quality on the whole project.
  • Working on UI.

Gameloft Auckland

The company was founded in New-Zealand on 2010. It quickly proved its expertise on mobile products with 'My Little Pony'. Since then, the studio was in charge to produce titles based on franchises.

Contact details

2 Marston St,
Parnell, Auckland 1052, New-Zealand

Phone: +64 9-557 2040

No website.

My mission - 2014/2015 (1.5 year)

  • Work on the Game Design for several products: Pastry Paradise, Ice age: Avalanche and Ice age Adventures.
  • Code on a balancing tool: Country friends
  • Code on various tools for design documentation purpose...

Goodgame Studios

The company was founded by Kai and Christian Wawrzinek in 2009. The studios had a huge success with Goodgame:Empire in 2011.

Contact details

Theodorstraße 42-90,
22761 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 40 85192490

My mission - 2015 / today (2.9 years)

  • Work on the Game Design and UX for Empire: Millennium wars.
  • Higly detailed documentation for the game.
  • Pipelines definition for documentation, synchronization with code and balancing.
  • Code on various tools on Confluence and Google docs for design documentation purpose...


Founded by Gilles Babinet, Philippe Ulrich and Sylvain Huet on 2006, the company is semiskilled in Social Music Gaming.

Contact details

54, rue de Paradis
75010 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 70 08 72 00

My mission - 2010 (6 months)

  • Proposing game concepts
  • Designing and coding on the social game: Pump it!


The company was founded on 2001, at the beginning of Flash games on the Internet. The company activity consists in a gaming platform where playing enables the subscriber to win prizes.

Contact details

22 allée Alan Turing
63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France

Phone: +33 4 73 44 10 30

My mission - 2009 (3 months)

  • Writing the complete Game Design Document for an iPhone game.
  • Designing new games.
  • Coding the basis of a 2D physics engine on Haxe.


Created in 2001, it is one of the best game design school in France. Now, Supinfogame is divided in three courses: Game Design, Game Art and Programmation.

Contact details

10 avenue Henri Matisse – BP 90027
59301 Valenciennes Cedex, France

Phone: +33 3 27 513 314

My mission - 2011 / 2013...

  • Teaching code in C# on Unity3D and Game Design.
  • Following student projects.
  • Participating to the contest meetings, jurys, exam corrections.

My studies: 2008 / 2010