Supinfogame projects 2009 - Music Composition

While I was studying in my first year at Supinfogame, I decided to work on the last year projects. Then, I proposed to help them with their music. Finally, I worked on two projects.


This is a survival horror simulation where you handle four survivors. Using point n'click mechanisms, you help them to escape from a building. Zombies are outside, trying to come in by the windows, the doors... You have to handle it by using barricades, and you work under pressure, to find a way out.

I worked on the main theme and some ambience song the player hears during his game. I created the songs with a friend, Pierre Gaudillère.

Knockin'dead - The main theme

Knockin'dead - Too late (when the pressure is at its height)

Adrenaline Rush

I work on this project at the same time. In Adrenaline Rush, you use the Wii balance board to surf with a friend in a race. The aim is not to be the first. It's to survive to a big monster pursuing you in order to get him down with a trap.

I created a song for the tutorial.