Games I played



In that game you choose your own way to eliminate your ennemies. It proposes big variety of powers, and approaches! A great universe reminding Bioshock.

Mass Effect 3

The last part of this incredible game and story.


The adventure in Skyrim is epic! It needs more than 300 hours to finish it completlty!


Electricity in the middle of the gameplay! A good idea! The cons: not enough variety and then a little repetitive.


Batman : Arkham City

Adding an open world and fun to the moves in the city was a great idea. The combat mode is more challenging and efficient!


My favourite shoot'em'up!

LittleBigPlanet 2

I use its level editor too. The game proposes several new ideas: vehicles, grab-hook, throwing objects...

Mass Effect 1 & 2

A game proposing a true solution to interactive storytelling. The first episode is the best gameplay of the series for me.

Portal 2

A exellent episode! The new elements add more gameplay and the story is great.

Rayman Origins

This platformer is a nice game with good challenges! It was great to play it in two players mode!

Red Dead Redemption

When you play it, you are a cowboy! Just being with your horse and going from town to town is fun!


Batman : Arkham Asylum

Thanks to the gameplay, Batman Arkham Asylum you really feel you are Bruce Wayne!

Left 4 Dead 2

More gameplay elements! More special zombies species, making the game experience funnier!


A modern point & click, linear, with the concept: one board, one puzzle. Very good for the brain and for the eyes!

Starcraft 2 : Wings of liberty

15 years after the previous one, it is as good for me. New units change the game without betraying the spirt of Starcraft. I tried the powerful editor of the game.

Super Meat Boy

A whole game to learn how to move perfectly your hero. A lesson of design!


Chrono Trigger (DS)

I played this game a long time ago. But when it was released on DS I played it until the end! Nice memories!


I use its level editor (as fun as the game). The game is nce! Physics makes it frustrating sometime but the game is great in two player mode especially!

Professor Layton and the curious village

I do love puzzles! Then, I love this game! QED.

Rhythm Heaven (Paradise)

My favourite game on Nintendo DS! Humour, fun, and music!

Uncharted 1 & 2

The first Uncharted was impressive! The second one was the apogee of the series for me!


Left 4 Dead

A real multiplayer cooperation game where communicate together with microphones is essential!

Megaman ZX

It's a Rockman! Many suits with many powers, shoot and platform! Hard and efficient!

Zelda : Phantom Hourglass

A fantastic Zelda on Nintendo DS! Little surprising ideas using the console features!


Bioshock 1 & 2

Bioshock is one of those, that game developers design with passion. Exellent game!

Mario Kart DS

No need to introduce that funny race game!

Phoenix Wright Series

You are a lawyer. You investidigate on a crime scene to get evences you can use during the trial to show the contradictions in the testimonies. The plus, a lot of humour!


A original concept very smart. I love that game.

Trauma center : Under the knife

This game is hard but it is smart! A lot of movesto do in a few minutes!


Elite Beat Agents

A rhythm game perfectly adapted to the ds dual screen!

Kingdom Hearts 2

This opus is awesome, a great variety of universes, gameplay elements and upgrades!

The Ship

The game of the "Murder party" in multiplayer on a beautiful boat. What a good idea!

Trackmania Nations

A e-sport racing game in multiplayer.


Dragon Quest 8

Great japanese RPG with Toriyama in graphic design.

GTA - San Andreas

The best GTA for me. Much variety!

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

One of the best Prince of Persia. Playing with time, fighting ennemies and climbing anywhere makes you have a feeling of mastery.


A FPS where the intention is stealth by camouflage. You hide in the foliages, shoot, hide yourself somewhere else, etc. Ennemies do the same.


Dance Dance Revolution

Perfect to loose wheight and to do sport... Great game!

Half-Life 2

Good time on the level editor. Good time in the game too, playingwith the gravity gun!

Hitman Contracts

The health of '47', the hero, is low, forcing the player to play stealth and disguise. This hitman is one of the best for me because you really feel like a silent assassin.

Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy

A sequel to Jedi Outcast as good as the previous one!


Anno 1503

The first opus of my favourite settlment handling games.

GTA - Vice City

One of the best GTA.

Kingdom Hearts

A surprising mix between Disney and Squaresoft universes. A good Action RPG on PS2!

Ragnarok Online

Many hours spent with friends trying to get THE item that could make the difference. My first experience in a MMORPG.

Warcraft 3

A beautiful strategy game, solo and multi.


Empire Earth

A full evolution tree, from prehistory to future robots. A very hard game in terms of development. But a true success!


A beautiful discovery. I love the multiple ways offered by the game to achieve a mission.

Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast

A true feeling of being a jedi.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

More gameplay and a lot of two players mods. I tried its level editor.

Worms armageddon

We played a lot with a friend and we recorded our own voices for the worms.


Alien VS Predator 2

A very nice game with a great gameplay. It feels like being an alien, a marine or a predator in the movie.

Counter Strike

Many hours of fun, spending money in cyber cafes to play with friends and people.

Final Fantasy IX

One of the best games in the series.

Max Payne

And its famous "Bullet Time". Great story...

Vampire:the masquerade Redemption

A very nice ambiance and a good gameplay. It's a game I would like to play again.



My favourite football game. Many good memories!

Final Fantasy VIII

Simply the best japanese RPG for me.

Quake 3 Arena

The multi FPS I played the most after Unreal Tournament, in LAN.

Roller Coaster Tycoon

I think I created more than 50 amusement parks.


Final Fantasy VII

My first Japanese RPG. One of the best for me and for a lot of people.

Need For Speed 2

The race game with cars I played the most.


My favourite RTS. I played it with friends on LAN parties. Not a good player but I love it anyway.

Tony Hawk Skateboarding

A great gameplay on skateboarding tricks. Excellent game.

Unreal Tournament Series

The multi FPS I played the most, many hours of fun!


Flight Simulator 98

My first job as a jet pilot, or how to land on a aircraft-carrier.


A great game with AI and scripted sequences. This was a revelation for me with its mod tools. I worked in the Stargate TC team thanks to this game.

Moto Racer

The race game I played the most. Crashes were so funny.


A nice race game with high speed.

Resident Evil 2

I finished the two versions of the game. Exciting.

Tekken 3

Many hours of fight with my brother and friends! My favourite character: Eddy Gordo.

Tomb Raider 2

Lara croft best adventure. Venice...


A wonderful FPS the first of the Unreal series. I tried its level editor for the first time.


Age of Empires

The RTS I played the most alone. A nice editor I played for many hours.

Day of the tentacle

My favorite point&click. This game is a true lesson about fun and humour. The main purpose is to show how crazy a puzzle solution can be.

Little Big Adventure 1 & 2

Great series of games, LBA was a very good experience.

Micro machines 2

Many memorable two or four player games.

Monkey Island

One of the best point & click I played


This game teached me what is a real open world.

Quake 2

A great FPS. I built some levels with it.


Alone in the dark 1, 2 & 3

The first french survival-horror series.


My first and favourite old school hack'n'slash. Many hours, many items and stuff...

Duke Nukem 3D

The first game on wich I used tools to create levels. A great game with a lot of humour with a nice parody of action movies.


The first game I bought on PC: Very nice and hard. Later I bought Rayman Designer to make levels.


A lot of fun! We played it for many times with my brother, using our own desktop icons as level.



One of the best platformer on Megadrive.

Donkey Kong Country

A great platformer on GameBoy.

Duck Tales

The Uncle Scrooge adventures on Nes. A funny way to move and to get ennemies down. Scrooge could bump on his walking stick.

Mystic Quest (FF Adventure)

A summary of the Japanese RPG on GameBoy, Mystic Quest is the greatest Action RPG on that console.


The speed as main intention! One of the best games on Megadrive.

Street of Rage

A great beat'em all on Megadrive.


Megaman 2

A great mix between plateform and shoot. This game left its mark on me!

Super Mario Bros. 3

My favorite plateformer on the NES. I played it for many hours, alone or in two players mode.


The best puzzle game ever!

Zelda - Link's awakening

The best Zelda in 2D for me.


Super Mario Bros.

First console, first game, for a 7 years old kid. I'd like to thank my parents... What else?